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02/10/2002 - I'm a bastard when it comes to updates. Sorry about the lack of recent comicage, but I've been getting a lot of shifts at work lately (which leads to money, which leads to the other reason I haven't done any strips - games). I'm making it up to you though - first: partial nudity!!! Uh, ok...moving on...secondly, I'm putting up a strip today, tomorrow AND on Friday. I just love you that much - and I felt guilty. So a new month has started and you can vote for me if you think I deserve it, and I'm nearly up to 100 unique visits - feel the suspense....feels squishy.

Comic of the Moment: No 4th Wall To Break

25/09/2002 - Ok, so technically this is going up on Wednesday, not Tuesday, but it's there in spirit - whatever that means. A slight change in art styles, nothing major, just more expressive faces and (due to some useful feedback from the TWC Forums) easier to understand speech bubbles. I've been getting good feedback so far - but I want more! Not necessarily good stuff, just any comments you have. Vote for me if you feel the desire to tell me it's good but don't care enough to write ^_^.

20/09/2002 - Up to #3, and the plot thickens. Ok, so there wasn't much plot yet to "thicken" - but it has got that skin that you get if you don't stir soup. Hmm, I knew I should have stirred the plot before I uploaded. Anyway, regardless of the condition of the plot, the comic does continue on. It may not seem too interesting at the moment, but give it time - it only just started! Jeez, you are harsh! 

In other news, my other new comic - Life Styles - has begun, so check it out some time, wont you? That's all for today, except to tell you to keep reading, and write to me! I love hearing from fans!

17/09/2002 - Episode #2 is up, and the plot thickens - actually I think that might be my pasta, hang on. Apparently it is a little hard to tell who is talking in the strip, so I'll try to work on that. I was really, really sick yesterday, eygrhuh (that's the noise of a sick person, if you were wondering) and I didn't get a chance to get any more strips done. Don't worry, though, Friday's is done already and I'm doing some more today. I've also added a links page, so that you can easily get out of this horrible place and to somewhere better.

15/09/2002 - Added a counter and a guestbook, visit and sign it if you want to leave your mark - or just to call me an idiot (free speech and all that).

14/09/2002 - Two affiliates already, wow! And apparently people actually like the strip. Will wonders never cease? Uh, that's pretty much it...shoo!

13/09/2002 - I bet you're excited, for months a totally empty website representing the space inside my head - then shabam! (or any other onomatopoeia of your choosing).  The grand (selective term) opening of my new comic Hunter/Hunted - a fantasy/adventure/comedy/fish whatever. Some of you (those who know me personally already and probably no-one else...) may know me as the author of NonSense, it's kind of like if Seinfeld was a comic - and you took out all the funny bits. In fact it's so bad that I'm not even going to give you a link to it. So there. Now I'm not one for long updates, but it is the first day of production, so to speak, so I'll do my very best. I'm starting with a two-per-week schedule for the moment, till I see how fast I can draw the buggers. They should come out faster than my other strip though - seeing as this one has a story - and a point, kinda. I'm looking for people to do the whole affiliation thing, so IF you like the strip give me a buzz, or just send me an e-mail - if your buzzer is in the shop. I had a buzzer when I was five, it was cool, but I dropped it down a well...ah, memories.

Let's see, what - Try saying the word stupid over and over again, it begins to lose all meaning. I always like words with K in them, I don't know why. Kreblakistan, ketchup, Karl, sketch, coke. Oh! One more thing - if you read the strip, please tell me what you think - even if you hated it - I wouldn't want to be hanging in space in the delusional thought that I was making a quality product. Midnight is a horrible time to write a welcome message monkey monkey monkey...



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